Say Hello to the New Digital P.O.P.

Merchandise ecommerce product pages in a snap with SYNQY.

SYNQY is a turnkey marketing program that allows retailers to offer interactive digital POP opportunities on supplier product pages, to help drive sales.

Impact Engagement and Sell-Through

Live brand content within the store adds value, supports sales.

Turnkey Ecommerce Marketing Program

We’ve designed SYNQY as a new marketing program that can be executed with ease. Bringing retailers and brands together to provide rich interactivity right at the point of purchase. SYNQY's simple interface makes it easy to influence sales with real-time marketing in just a matter of seconds.

Brands and Customers Love It

SYNQY gives brands the opportunity to share their content in the context of the store. Creating greater brand presence and the opportunity to provide relevant brand information right when and where the customer wants it.

How SYNQY Works

Easy to Activate. Easy to Implement.

1. Add a SYNQY

Simply add a SYNQY SmartButton or SmartImage to any product on your Website. It works immeditely. No coding required!

2. Include Brand Content

In real-time, brands incorporate additional content to the SYNQY, such as promotional content, how-to or entertainment videos, social media, ad campaigns, web-based content, and enhanced interactivity.

3. Update in Real Time

SYNQY provides the capability for real-time marketing. While the back-end analytics reveal engagement, brands also have the ability to easily track, update and control content to achieve the optimal results.

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